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Help Your Subscribers Earn More From Their Sales Funnels With My Proven Funnel Clips...

About the product...

Most marketers struggle with making video.

But without videos throughout their entire funnel, they are leaving a lot of money on the table.

I created this set of funnel clips for my own sites. They worked so well I decided to release them to the public.

They upsell customers in a friendly, subtle manner that triggers immediate responses.

The result: A 29% Conversion Rate. (See screenshot below.)

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The Funnel:

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Funnel Clips Whiteboard Package


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OTO 1:

Funnel Clips Animated Mega Pack


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OTO 2:

Funnel Clips Live Actor Package


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Proof This Product Actually Works...

You will truly be helping your subscribers and customers by telling them about this. These clips helped my own funnel convert at a whopping 29.44% on my recent product launch!

See screenshot below for proof...

Every marketer needs video in their funnels. This is the easiest and fastest way to help them. Now they can simply embed them into their web pages and let them do their thing!

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